Client Testimonials

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Amanda made me feel very calm and relaxed and helped me with the feelings of ‘butterflies in my tummy’ which I had all the time.   She plans the sessions really well and provides a calm environment. Her voice is very soothing and relaxing.  Amanda taught me techniques to help myself and gave me ideas to help me re-think about how I relax and how to deal with any negative thoughts I maybe having.  I highly recommend Amanda for any problems you may have with anxiety, phobias, or any mental health issues.


I visited Amanda as I had been experiencing issues sleeping due to my very stressful job. Initially sceptical, I entered the experience with an open mind as I needed a more professional route to help me relax at night. I was absolutely shocked at the results - even after my first session. After a course of hypnotherapy I have now learnt to recognise signs and retrain my thought process to allow me to deal with the pressures of work and general day to day life.

Having suffered from underlying anxiety issues for most of my adult life, Amanda has helped me enormously during our sessions. She addressed and acknowledged my issues and then provided me with the necessary tools that have helped me to manage and be more in control of my anxiety.  Amanda has a very calming manner, yet at the same time offered sensible and reassuring solutions/guidance and I always left our sessions feeling better.  I would not hesitate to recommend Amanda to anyone who suffers with anxiety issues.

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From someone who lives a very busy life and quite often puts herself last, this was a moment of pause to really relate to myself. I have struggled to drive on a motorway for years as it literally left me numb in my body with panic. Since having a course of hypnotherapy I have managed to drive comfortably on a short motorway journey without panic and with ease. Once lockdown has eased, I look forward to returning and improving the techniques even more and fully conquer my fear. I feel this will help me to move forward in other areas of my life and be able to deal with the stress and
anxiety that I have with my health and separation. Amanda has a very calming nature about her, this helped me relax, talk openly and I would 100% recommend her.