• Amanda Tooms

Reflection and Change

I've been thinking about reflection and change and how these natural states inform and help us to consider 'the what happens next' moments, the unknown steps to, and in, our future.

Musing and reflection prompts a natural pause, a moment (or several) to stop, think, perhaps peruse and do, or not do, as the case may be and realise where we've been, what we've done and how this might inform the next stage. One of those reflections is looking back on what has been an exceptional and unpredictable year. A year that has brought so much disappointment and sadness to many and yet on the other hand, has stimulated others to pursue opportunities, think creatively and make the best of what they have. 2020 has unquestionably been a year of pioneering achievements and change!

Human behaviours and response to situations are as individual as we are unique and people react to change in different ways; we each respond and view the world differently. Sometimes change is difficult to deal with and can cause distress and/or uncertainty. Change can, for some, be an unwanted and difficult emotion to deal with. For others, change can be welcome and offer new beginnings. Reflection is such a powerful tool that 'we' inherently have and can help us mindfully sort out ‘where we go from here and what we need to do’. It can be our own natural powers of hypnotherapy; those daydreaming moments, pause for thought, positive musing. Just by taking 'the' time, whatever 'the' time is, we can question, find out and discover.

As we head towards the end of 2020, try if you can, to reflect and mentally unravel and gather together what you need to proceed into the next year. You may find some interesting discoveries and ‘aha moments’, that bring about realisation and change within you. Hypnotherapy can be life changing and stimulate positive thoughts and feelings through guided suggestions and techniques. Let the changes in your life be positive steps towards achieving a balance that’s right for you; start 2021 the hypnotherapy way with positive goals and solutions.

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